The Professional Diploma in Digital Selling is recommended for a variety of sales professionals; inbound and outbound sellers, business development execs, account and relationship managers, team leaders and management, or business owners. This course benefits various levels of skill and experience, and will empower you to maximize your selling performance within a powerful digital tools and the skills to utilize them.

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Digital Selling Training's Information

The digital and social selling training course will teach you how to integrate digital techniques into your sales process and enhance the sales performance. You will also get hands-on experience with digital and social selling through several case studies and projects that are also included in this course.

Lesson 1 – Attract your customers
Section 1 - Introduction to digital selling - beyond social selling
1.1 What is digital selling?
1.2 What makes a successful digital business
1.3 The difference between digital selling and social selling
1.4 The importance of digital sales tools

Section 2 - Developing digital selling credibility
2.1 Importance of developing a strong social media profile
2.2 Advantages of building a personal brand
2.3 Building a strong personal brand
2.4 Enhancing social credibility
2.5 Managing your social platforms Part 1-4
Project 1 - building digital sales credibility

Lesson 2 – Connect with your customers
Section 3 - Digital research and developing buyer personas
3.1 Defining the buyer journey
3.2 Introduction to digital buyer profiles
3.3 Honing your target buyer personas
3.4 The value of sales intelligence
3.5 Sales intelligence tools and how to use them
3.6 Researching market trends

Section 4 - Turning digital connections to sales conversations
4.1 CRM and marketing automation and their value in digital selling
4.2 The importance of a digital sales hub
4.3 Measuring buyer engagement
4.4 Introduction to digital selling tools
4.5 Converting prospects into customers
Project 2 - Identifying buyer personas

Lesson 3 – Engage with your customers
Section 5 - Building sales engagement through content marketing
5.1 Creating persona-specific content and delivering it
5.2 Establishing thought leadership
5.3 Setting up your content creation calendar
5.4 Creating a multi-channel campaign
5.5 Essential content management tools
Project 3 - Building content marketing plan

Lesson 4 – Convert and grow your customers
Section 6 - Developing your integrated digital selling strategy
6.1 Optimising your campaign calendar
6.2 Tailoring your message to suit the buyer persona
6.3 How to engage with buyer personas to drive sales
6.4 Managing your digital sales campaigns

Section 7 - Digital selling beyond customer acquisition
7.1 Importance of developing customer relationships
7.2 Using digital selling to aid customer expansion
7.3 Handling negative customer experiences
7.4 The future of social and digital selling
Project 4 - Building integrated selling strategy

This digital and social selling training course is suitable for anyone who is keen to get a deeper understanding of digital and social sales methodologies and techniques, especially if you work in the following areas:

  • Sales
  • Account and relationship management
  • Consulting
  • Business development
    Digital marketing

To become a Digital Selling Certified Professional, you must fulfill the following criteria:

Successfully complete 85% of the course
Complete one project and one simulation test with a minimum score of 60%

Why to choose Global Training Hub?

Best Price in the Industry

You won’t find better value in the marketplace. If you do find a lower price, we will beat it.

Best Price in the Industry

You won’t find better value in the marketplace. If you do find a lower price, we will beat it.

Best Price in the Industry

You won’t find better value in the marketplace. If you do find a lower price, we will beat it.

Do I need to have a digital sales background?

Anyone can apply for the Certified Digital and Social Selling Specialist

A background in a related discipline is not required, though we recommend this specialist diploma course to sales professionals or individuals interested in pursuing a career in the industry.

The aim of this social sales course is to teach you everything you need to know about incorporating digital tools and practices into your social selling strategy, so you can achieve your targets, increase your OTE and position yourself as a digital and social selling superstar!

Where will my qualification be recognized?

The Digital Marketing Institute is the global certification standard for digital marketing and selling.

We will provide you with a high-quality, transferable qualification that is developed and validated by the digital industry, and recognized and respected worldwide.

How is the digital selling diploma assessed?

The Certified Digital and Social Selling Specialist is assessed by a one hour exam; these are administered by our computer-based testing partner, via its global network of test centers.

The candidates need to achieve a minimum of 60% to pass the exam. Your examination fee is included in the price but subsequent re-sits due to failed attempts will incur a fee when you book your repeat attempt.